OOH Ad Growth Continues Amid Traditional Media Decline

A well targeted OOH ad can increase retail foot traffic, raise brand awareness, or drive prospective customers to purchase. Out-of-home campaigns, and particularly digital OOH (or DOOH), have proven to have many benefits. Undoubtedly, the main being the ability to use location to its advantage. This improves message deliverability by presenting a message at exactly the right time and place, thus making it more memorable in the eye of the consumer viewing it.

Digital OOH is the Biggest Driver

Leading the way for overall growth in the out-of-home space is digital products. In 2018, digital OOH represented 29% of the total with a projected increase of 8.8% in digital OOH in 2019.  According to the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) this accounted for triple the predicted increase of 2.6% percent among all OOH formats.

OOH campaigns boost online search and social media activity more than other traditional media and even online banner ads according to OAAA.

OOH reach and audience remain steady

While traditional media sectors struggle to reach consumers in this age of digital, out-of-home advertising has leveraged technology to innovate, remain relevant and attract new advertisers.

Unlike traditional media categories, OOH is the only format that has experienced consistent growth of global ad sales during the past decade. The out-of-home category’s reach and audience has not declined, but rather increased.

According to market research by MAGNA and Rapport, one of the reasons out-of-home is performing better than other traditional media formats is its ability to hold its audience. While advertising mediums such as print and television continue to see decreased market share, OOH media remains stable. And, as their report found out-of-home continues to outperform other mediums.

Consider these facts:

  • OOH Advertising is currently an $8 billion industry in the U.S. and expected to double by 2023
  • DOOH is generating 18% of total ad sales attributed to OOH
  • 57% of consumers immediately visited a business after exposure to a Digital Billboard ad
  • After exposure to a Digital Mobile Billboard, 69% of consumers visited the business advertised
  • According to a Nielsen survey, 46% of consumers in the U.S. used a search engine after seeing an OOH ad

OOH is affordable

After online display, OOH is the second most affordable medium in the US.  And, despite outdoor being in high demand, its CPM remains quite low compared with other mediums. Out of home has not only proven its effectiveness, but also its staying power, and is expected to  thrive for many years to come.


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