Miami Outdoor Advertising

Home of sun, beaches, great nightlife and…ample opportunity for outdoor advertising! Welcome to Miami!

Outdoor advertising opportunities in Miami are plentiful. Advertisers like the ability to have their message displayed year-round thanks to the pleasant temperatures.

A Diverse Market

Marketers love the diversity that Miami represents. With more than a quarter-million residents being persons of Cuban origin, Miami has a remarkably diverse ethnic makeup.  In the city proper, nearly 70% of the population is of Latino decent.

Spanish has become the predominant language in Miami-Dade County. Of the county’s 2.4 million residents, 58.5% say Spanish is their primary language, according to the Census. This has lead Miami to become a top market for brands wanting to reach a Hispanic demographic.

Tourism in Miami

Sunshine and warm weather are only part of the reason over 14 million tourists per year flock to Miami. It is well-known worldwide as a mecca in the tourism industry.  Further, tourism itself employs 10% of the city’s workforce. Additionally, the Port of Miami is known as the “Cruise Capital of the World.” The largest cruise ship port in the world serves almost five million passengers annually.

Multicultural Marketing

Advertisers and brands often seek the vast opportunities of outdoor advertising in Miami, which is ranked 16th in the U.S. among the Top 20 Media Markets.  Further, it’s a key market for multicultural marketing and brands and advertisers who want to reach a Hispanic & Latino demographic. Marketing professionals target Miami due to its diversity, dense population, and high percent of Spanish speaking residents.

Opportunities for outdoor advertising in Miami includes taxi ads, mobile billboards, bus ads and wraps, billboards, kiosks, and more. All of which are extremely popular and efficient at reaching a wide range of demographics.

Whether you want to reach Dolphins, Marlins or Miami Heat fans, tourists, cruise-goers, art deco aficionados or restaurant & bar patrons along South Beach, there is an out-of-home advertising product that fits your needs…and, your budget!


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