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Auburn, AL

Out-of-Home Advertising

Billboard Products in Auburn, AL

Auburn is notorious for being a college town and the home of Auburn University, which is also central to the city’s economy. Football is huge at Auburn, and on ‘football Saturdays,’ when die-hard fans arrive in droves to cheer their beloved Tigers, Auburn swells to the state’s fifth-most-populous city. Attendance can reach over 87,000+ on game days.

Centrally located near Atlanta, Birmingham, and Montgomery, Auburn is home to more than 55,000 residents. Additionally, Auburn University is the city’s largest employer, thus it plays an important role in the local economy. Auburn University is one of Alabama’s two public flagship universities and renowned for its football program. Jordan-Hare Stadium is the nation’s 10th largest on-campus stadium, with a capacity of 87,451, and has been home to the Auburn Tigers since 1939.

During football & basketball season, you can find electric shuttles taking people to and from tailgating and parking areas to the stadium on game days. These unique vehicles, sometimes called “carts” provide an excellent way to capture the attention of game attendees in and around the stadiums.

Our zero-emission, green-energy, fully electric shuttles can be utilized to advertise your brand or business as they travel across campus, around the sports stadiums, and tailgate areas. The shuttles may be wrapped with ad messaging that equates to millions of impressions on game days! What better way to promote your brand or business than in front of thousands of captive football fans?

For more information about advertising on our electric shuttles in Auburn, contact us today.

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Auburn University

Jordan-Hare Stadium

Game Day Parking areas

10th Largest U.S. on-campus stadium

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