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Detroit Advertising

Detroit, MI

Out-of-Home Advertising

Billboard Products in Detroit

Detroit, known as Motor City and Home of Rock and Roll, is a vibrant city thanks to a thriving art, music, sports, and nightlife scene. A city with four professional sports teams, an active riverfront with shops and restaurants, and beautiful, recreational Lake St. Clair, Detroit has something to offer to tourists and locals alike.

Known for its sense of community, Detroit comes alive in the summer. Restaurant patios, outdoor shopping, and riverfront activities are in full swing with the arrival of warm weather. With a beautiful lake and a river right in the heart of the town, lots of people are out and about spending time with friends and enjoying the sunshine.

Music is the heart and soul of this city. Detroit’s biggest claim to fame is the home of Motown and the music continues to beat through this talented city. Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, Eminem, Madonna, Lizzo, The White Stripes, and Aaliyah are just a few of the music industry’s biggest names that were born or raised here. And almost every big artist makes a stop here on their tours.

Detroit offers plenty of billboard-type advertising and Out-of-Home ad opportunities. Here, you will find billboards of all sizes, as well as transit advertising, such as bus advertising (wraps and panel ads), bench ads, and shelter ads. Digital Mobile Billboards provide a standout option and large-format exposure that can’t be missed.

Fun and unique outdoor advertising mediums found in Detroit are Tuk Tuk and Party Bike advertising. These mobile billboards are 100% electric and can be wrapped with ads to create an eye-catching branding experience targeted to local area customers and tourists alike.

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4 Professional Sports Teams

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