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Mobile Billboards

Digital Billboards

Digital Billboards

12+ Markets Across the U.S.
Large Outdoor Advertising

Can’t Miss OOH

Mobile Digital billboard advertising provides coverage in a congested Metropolitan area where billboards may not exist. Our mobile billboard trucks provide brand exclusivity and 3-sided panels for maximum exposure. These ad panels can include motion or static ads and cover both sides as well as the back of the truck for great readability from all angles thus capturing attention from vehicular and pedestrian traffic alike.

Our mobile billboard trucks can be utilized in almost any market across the U.S. These large format digital mobile billboards cover the areas, streets, or neighborhoods you want to target. They can be seen on highways, local roadways, other major roadways and provide coverage in areas where OOH and Outdoor advertising options are limited or non-existent. They can also provide high visibility around sports stadiums, events, concerts, festivals, retail shopping areas and more.


Ad Focus, Inc. now offers digital mobile billboards in a variety of cities across the U.S.  These digital mobile billboards can be strategically placed in neighborhoods or areas within your desired radius. These mobile displays can be driven anywhere you want to target consumers or reach more customers.


  • Digital large format screens
  • Perfect for day & night viewing
  • Targeted market and zip code coverage
  • Three-sided billboard signage for excellent visibility on all roadways
  • Ideal for targeting consumers around events, specific areas, festivals & expos


New York City
Los Angeles
San Francisco


Times Square
Wrigley Field
Staples Center
Santa Monica
Financial District
Fisherman’s Wharf


Our reach.

We offer Digital Mobile Billboards in markets across the U.S. including New York City, Philadelphia, D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Los Angeles & San Francisco.

The mobile billboards we offer provide great reach and 3-sided panels provide for optimal viewing. Because these are digital and mobile, they offer excellent viewing can be easily seen at night since they are illuminated. Mobile Digital Billboards offer great visibility day night and high impressions in populous city centers including Atlanta, D.C., Houston, and Phoenix where large format OOH options are limited within the actual Downtown areas themselves.