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Key West, FL

Out-of-Home Advertising

Billboard Products in Key West, FL

Key West is the southernmost point in the United States and popular year-round for its warm climate and endless sunsets. In the historic Old Town part of Key West, you’ll find the popular Mallory Square waterfront stores and attractions which is an entertaining and popular tourist spot. Every night spectators flock to this is area watch the never-ending sunset.  Street performers also fill this area entertaining those visiting the shops.

Another heavily frequented area in Key West is Duval Street which offers a vibrant collection of bars, restaurants, shops, galleries, and cafes that keep the streets packed.

In Key West you can visit Hemingway House & Museum, the former home of famed novelist Ernest Hemingway. Here you’ll also find the infamous polydactyl (6-toed) cats that call this home. These cats are sometimes referred to as “mitten cats” since their extra toes make it appear as if they have a thumb on their paw and are wearing mittens. Currently, there are over 50 “Hemingway” cats residing at the house.

Key West is a fantastic city for out of home media and outdoor billboard advertising.  While billboards are extremely popular in large cities, they are scarce in Key West which offers much less in the way of outdoor advertising opportunities than big cities. However, pedicabs – or rickshaws – are popular in warmer weather climates and can also be wrapped for advertising.  In Key West standard transit advertising such as bus advertising, bench ads, and shelter advertising may be lacking, however more creative options such as Electric Shuttles or “golf cart” advertising can still get your messaging across.

Our fun, electric shuttles can be found cruising the streets and are a super popular mode of transportation to “hop” around the island.  These environmentally friendly vehicles are the perfect and efficient “last mile” mode of transportation and a perfect way to promote your brand or business!

Interested in billboard type advertising in Key West? We can help. Contact us today for more information, product availability, or to start your campaign.

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