Street Level OOH Advertising

What is Street Level Advertising?

Street Level advertising allows you to reach your target audience at eye level. This means ads are strategically placed in high-traffic areas directed at consumers. Ads may be either static or digital format.

In the OOH space this generally means digital displays, kiosks, signs, or posters, street furniture such as transit benches or shelters, and mobile mediums like pedicabs or digital mobile billboards. Anything that targets consumers “at eye level.” Products like these provide unique media opportunities in high profile and highly desired urban areas.

Consider this: Consumers spend an average of 70% of their time outside their homes. Why wouldn’t you target them where they spend most of their time?

Digital Street Level OOH Engages Consumers and Drives Action

The Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) partnered with Nielsen on market research as to how and why OOH Street Level activations work. For the first quarter of 2020, they reported the following:

  • 49% of consumers noticed digital street level OOH advertising in the past month.
  • 52% of digital street level ad viewers notice them “all” or “most” of the time.
  • 69% of viewers engaged in actions after seeing a digital street level ad – such as searching for an advertiser or visiting their website, visiting the store or restaurant, and visiting or posting to social media.)
  • 62% of viewers engaged in mobile device actions after seeing a digital street level ad such as searched for/visited an advertiser website, scanned QR code or used SMS/URL/hashtag, downloaded/used app, accessed discount offer, or made a purchase.

In addition:

  • 51% Noticed DIGITAL MOBILE BILLBOARD ads that gave directions to a business
  • 65% Immediately visited a business after seeing an ad
  • 92% Made a purchase after visiting the business


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