Super Bowl 2019 in Atlanta

Super Bowl 53 kicks off in Atlanta next February. No one knows what teams will be vying for the Lombardi Trophy, although most of us can agree that we hope it’s anyone but the Patriots! While it’s still several months away, the city playing host is already in full swing with preparations underway.

Atlanta as a Super Bowl Host

Atlanta has hosted Super Bowls before – in 1994 and 2000. This concept isn’t foreign to the NFL. Many cities are repeat hosts while others – such as Denver that has wintery weather and a stadium without a roof – never have opened their proverbial doors to the championship crowds.

Atlanta was awarded next year’s bid, in part, because they’re sporting a fabulous new stadium: Mercedes-Benz Stadium (sponsored by, we want to say, Mercedes? Very chichi indeed!). Newly built stadiums are extremely attractive to the NFL – upscale means an upswing in ticket prices.

How to Take Advantage of the Super Bowl 53

From an advertising standpoint, the Super Bowl offers the ultimate in marketing appeal. The commercials are legendary on their own (and sometimes the only reason to watch the big game). They’re also extremely expensive; last February, NBC received around five million dollars for each :30 second spot, making us all wish we were the head of NBC. (can you imagine that guy’s paycheck?)

In fact, advertisers paid more for a half-a-minute ad in the 2018 Super Bowl than the Eagles paid Nick Foles, Super Bowl MVP. He made a measly four million for the 2017-2018 season, by comparison.

But taking your brand to the small screen isn’t the only way to advertise during the NFL championship game – the city of Atlanta is fertile ground for anyone hoping to peddle their wares.

Why? Because Super Bowl Games draw gigantic crowds – foot traffic, tourists, locals who go out and see what’s happening. This sets the stage for all sorts of marketing: billboards, pedicabs, vehicle advertising wraps, experiential marketing, sampling & more. Wherever there are consumers, there’s a prime opportunity to advertise and get your company or brand noticed.

We don’t know how many people will flock to Atlanta for the 2019 Super Bowl until it happens. But, we can look to last year’s game host, Minneapolis, for an idea.

Super Bowl 52 drew around 1.4 million people – not just to the actual game, but to the pre-game festivities. The ten days that lead up to the Super Bowl gives advertisers a prime chance to promote their brand and boost brand awareness.

In Atlanta, those numbers should rise. Why? Because the temperature in Minnesota last February were in the single digits – it was a frigid 2 degrees on game day. Atlanta’s average temperatures in February lingers in the mid-50 to low 60-degree range.

Without bone-chilling temps, it’s fair to argue that Atlanta should see a great turn out come Super Bowl Sunday. When it comes to Georgia, she’s a peach.

How Can I Advertise in Atlanta During the Super Bowl?

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Photo Credit: Ad Focus, Inc.