Philadelphia Firsts

When you think of Philadelphia, many things might come to mind. Your heart may swell with patriotism as you think of the Liberty Bell. You might drool down your shirt as you imagine a Philly Cheesesteak. You might chuckle to yourself as you think of the Philadelphia Eagles beating the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Because Philly is all that… and more.

  • The first newspaper: The Philadelphia Packet and Daily Advertiser began in 1784.
  • The first zoo: The Philadelphia Zoo opened in 1874.
  • The first U.S. city to host a World’s Fair: In collaboration with the country’s 100th birthday, The Centennial Exhibition took place in 1876. One of the most well-known exhibitions was this wild invention called “the telephone.”
  • The first Art Museum: The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts dates back to 1805.
  • The first hospital and medical school: Pennsylvania Hospital was founded by Benjamin Franklin and Dr. Thomas Bond in 1751. Philadelphia is still a big wig in the medical world. Today, one out of every six U.S. doctors are trained in Philadelphia.
  • The first Girl Scout Cookies: Do you put on a few extra pounds during Girl Scout Cookie season (Wait, Thin Mints don’t make you thin?!)? Then send a thank you note – or a strongly worded letter – to Philly. Girl Scout Cookies made their debut in Philadelphia in 1934. Then, the rest of the nation decided to “Tagalong.”

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