Surprising Facts About Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C. is a favorite destination among tourists. From the museums to the zoo, from the White House to the Lincoln Memorial, from the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial to any possible type of food imaginable, people flock to the region in droves. D.C. is the place to BE!

While many millions of people visit Washington D.C., and a lot is known about our nation’s Capital, there are several fun facts that are not common knowledge to most people.

These interesting facts include:

  1. Alligators in the White House: Not one, but two sitting presidents had pet alligators while they served, housing them inside the White House. Both Herbert Hoover and John Quincy Adams were owners of these exotic pets. Don’t tell PETA!
  2. Raise a Glass: Washington, D.C. isn’t known for making wine – California wears that crown. However, D.C. has more than its share of wine drinkers. In fact, per capita, citizens of Washington drink more wine than anywhere else in America! That’s a lot of grapes!
  3. Elitist Elevators: The elevators in The Capitol are not for use by ordinary folk.  Instead, they are reserved for Senators. The tunnels beneath the White House are also off-limits to the public and only reserved for Senators and Congressmen and women.
  4. Rain, Rain, Go Away: Seattle is famous (or infamous) for its rain, but D.C. is technically wetter. It rains two inches more here each year than in Seattle.
  5. Burial Grounds: Only one former U.S. President is actually buried in D.C.: former President Woodrow Wilson.
  6. Bathrooms Galore: There are 35 bathrooms in the White House. Hopefully, they buy their toilet paper in bulk!
  7. D.C. is a Top Tourist City: Around 21 million people visit Washington, D.C. each year.

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