Make a Big Impact with Billboard Truck Advertising

Billboard Trucks

Mobile Billboard Trucks certainly attract attention. These large format ads generate views from pedestrians and vehicles alike. They are highly visible along busy roadways, around large events, grand openings, apartment communities trying to attract new residents, sporting events and more. Billboard truck ads provide high impact marketing because the number of eyes on them leads to high impressions.

In addition, there are digital and static ad trucks, depending on your budget or preference. Digital ad trucks allow clients to run multiple creatives, easily swap ads daily or weekly, offer excellent visibility day and night without print or install fees. Static ad trucks are similar to a static billboard (but, mobile) and often involve a production fee for print & installation of the ad. These are better suited to campaigns where creative messaging remains the same for the duration.

Targeted Advertising

A huge benefit of billboard trucks is the ability to customize your target area. This means you can reach your customer with ads targeted to your desired demographic within a specific area.  Including a mobile billboard in an outdoor advertising campaign is valuable for a few reasons:

  • The sole purpose of a billboard truck is advertising
  • Clients choose the exact route the truck will drive – it can reach crowds, neighborhoods, sports fans, or operate along within a set mile radius of your business
  • Their large format maximizes exposure
  • Mobile billboards can target your consumers where they are – unlike a static billboard which is seen only by vehicles on a particular road/highway

Ad Tracking & Reporting

 Besides the flexibility of being able to target your audience, mobile billboards also have the capability to provide GPS and demographic reporting. Something static billboards cannot. For brands that want to know “who” their message reached, this is key. Trackability provides media buyers with reassurance to know they’re getting what they paid for. GPS reporting ensures trucks cover the route selected by the client. In addition, by leveraging aggregated cell phone, mobile app and traffic data within the truck’s vicinity, demographic information can be captured. The data captured can then be compiled to provide demographic reporting such as: age, gender, ethnicity, education & household income. Further, it can provide zip codes and audience affinities.

Advertising on a mobile billboard truck provides advertisers with many opportunities to make a unique impact.


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Photo Credit: Ad Focus, Inc.