Out-of-Home Media: Why it Works

Out-of-Home Media

Why it Works

In an age of increased media fragmentation, Out-of-Home media is more important and more influential than ever.

Today’s OOH media is a dynamic mix of billboards, mobile ad wraps, digital displays, transit, and place-based media. Out of Home surrounds and immerses consumers during time spent away from home.

Today’s consumers are busy and often on-the-go. Most of us spend an average of nearly three-quarters of each day outside of our homes. Because OOH is continually evolving and growing, it performs better and generates better ROI than other types of marketing.

As consumer behavior changes, so does the need to target advertising messages. Utilizing marketing effectively means reaching your consumers where they are.  Today’s consumers spend more time outside, which translates to less time spent in front of TV screens or listening to radio.

Out-of-Home is proven to extend reach, amplify a campaign, and drive more consumers to engage with brands online and in-store when used in conjunction with other advertising mediums in a media plan.

Quick Facts about OOH

  • Out-of-home advertising has grown to be a more than $6 billion market.
  • A 2019 Nielsen study found that 66% of smartphone users acted on their device after seeing an Out-of-Home ad.
  • Search effectiveness increases by 40% when OOH is included in a media mix. (as reported by an Omnicom Media Group study)
  • Out of Home is one of the fastest-growing advertising mediums around because it is “always on.”
  • Because OOH it’s an inherently localized medium, it is highly targetable to your desired audience.
  • Ad fraud, ad skipping, ad blocking, and low ‘view-ability’ rates which can affect online and mobile advertising do not affect OOH ads.


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