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Orange County Convention Center

Target the audience of convention goers and attendees with highly visible advertising products.


Orlando Convention Center

The Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida shows Disney that Mickey Mouse isn’t the only game in town. It’s the second-largest convention center in the United States and award-winning. Every year, it hosts over 230 events, drawing approximately 1.4 million attendees and contributing more than 2.4 billion to the local economy.

Among features the center offers are: meeting rooms, breakout rooms, ballrooms, theaters, lecture halls, three full-service restaurants, three business centers, three covered loading docks, wireless mobility throughout, center-to-table gardens, food courts, and adjacent luxury hotels. The general assembly areas are over 92,000 square feet, and the theaters can hold over 2,600 people. And parking – with over 6,000 spaces onsite – is practically a pleasure.

Electric Shuttles

We can handle transportation needs during corporate conferences, conventions, and expos in Orlando. These electric shuttles can be rented for exclusive private shuttle service for convention, conference or expo attendees as a means of getting to get to and from local area hotels, the convention center, attractions and shopping. They can also be used to transport corporate or company VIP’s or those in need some extra assistance. These vehicles are 100% electric, zero emission, and eco-friendly, so they can also be driven indoors and used as a part of a booth or exhibition space if desired. In addition to using the vehicles to transport groups or employees, the shuttles can be fully branded with ad wraps and have drivers branded to promote your company, event, product, or corporation.


Sampling and Giveaways

Ad Focus offers sampling, giveaways and handout opportunities around the Orange County Convention Center and surrounding areas. This type of interactive marketing can be done by your brand or marketing ambassadors who are trained to represent your brand or by our team. This marketing opportunity is outstanding for reaching those attending events at this complex for conventions, conferences, sporting events, and shows. Also the Orlando area known as International Drive, can be easily reaches targeting retail shopping centers, outlets, hotels, restaurants, bars, and other attractions.


These rickshaws are another eco-friendly option that transport passengers via bicycle cabs and are great for that “last mile” short trip destination. Pedicabs can be rented privately to be on-call to take your event or convention attendees to and from the event center. These are also great to get people to local hotels, restaurants and retail centers. These fun environmentally friendly bikes can be used to transport event attendees, corporate VIP’s or those needing extra assistance.  These pedal bikes can transport groups of any size and can be branded with advertising that showcases your company, brand, product, or service. Branded drivers can also be done along with private charters, so that each pedicab driver clearly represents your brand.


Taxi cabs can transport attendees to and from the Orlando International Airport to the Orange County Convention Center. These cabs typically have pickup and drop offs zones around the center and hotels that attendees use. Taxis offer an effective way to market your brand or event during large show, convention or expo. These d double-sided taxi top ads are backlit and show nicely day or night. The ads also do a great job providing broader exposure and reach consumers when they are out at local area restaurants, attractions, or at different retail shopping centers.