OOH Advertising in Key West

Billboard Advertising in Key West

Key West is the sunny, southernmost point in the United States. In the media world however, it’s tough to find any kind of outdoor or billboard-type advertising.  Billboards in Key West, Florida and anywhere in the Florida Keys are extremely limited or non-existent.  Out of Home Media in Key West is scarce, but Ad Focus can help.

Pedicab Ads in Key West

The popular Mallory Square waterfront stores and attractions in the historic Old Town part of Key West is a fun and popular spot for tourists.  Every night this is one of the spots that spectators flock to so they can watch the never-ending sunset.  Street performers fill this area to entertain the pedestrians that are visiting the shop.  Another heavily frequented area in Key West is Duval Street which offers a vibrant collection of bars, restaurants, shops, galleries, and cafes that keep the streets packed.

Our billboard-type advertising does a great job of covering Mallory Square, Duval Street and more.  Pedicab, rickshaw, shuttle and taxi advertising are popular means for tourists and residents to get from hotels, restaurants & bars, attractions, and local shopping areas.

Shuttle Ads in Key West

Free shuttle rides in Key West are a super popular mode of transportation to “hop” around the island.  If people need a quick ride a few blocks or a longer ride to sightsee etc. they enjoy the fun experience these golf cart looking, fully electric passenger shuttles provide.  These environmentally friendly vehicles do an amazing job getting people around town. They’re the perfect and efficient “last mile” mode of transportation. Riders need only flag down a shuttle and tip the driver!

Beaches in Key West

For brands trying to target beach goers that are soaking up the sun in Key West, Ad Focus’ provides unique outdoor & out-of-home advertising. Our street level advertising options garner maximum exposure and impression for your business or brand!

For information on billboard advertising products in Key West, feel free to drop us an e-mail at Hello@TheAdFocus or check out our site.  For availability and pricing options, click here.


Photo Credit: Ad Focus, Inc.