Great American Beer Festival 2018: Coming to Denver

great american beer festival

Water may be nature’s juice. Milk may be healthy and wholesome. But beer? It completes us. And that makes the Great American Beer Festival one of the highest attended festivals in Denver! In fact, it’s the premier beer competition in the entire Nation.

Is the Great American Beer Festival Popular?

Just how popular is it? It began in 1982 with 22 breweries and took off from there. In 2004, 28,000 people and 334 breweries attended. Fast forward a mere 13 years to 2017 and these numbers more than doubled: over 60,000 attendees and 800 U.S. breweries. The festival itself sold out in 4 hours and 15 minutes, making it one of the hottest tickets in the region. It impacted the economy too – to the tune of 29.3 million dollars. Cheers to that!

How to Take Advantage of the Festival?

This year’s festival takes place September 20-22nd at the Colorado Convention Center in Downtown Denver. It includes three evening sessions as well as one afternoon session and attracts not only those who live in Colorado, but people from all over the world. If you brew it, they will come!

Of course, the Great American Beer Festival doesn’t just allow those who enjoy beer to find their “hoppy” place; it’s also a haven for advertisers. One reason is because of the location – it’s smack dab in middle of the city where traffic rules. This gives advertisers a chance to market to consumers in a well-walked, well-driven, and highly visible area.

Another reason lies in the need for transportation – alcohol doesn’t mix with your Audi! Pedicabs, Tuk-Tuks, and Party Bikes to the rescue. These modes of transportation are mainstays of all city events (from concerts to baseball games), but beer festivals increase their importance by drastically reducing the number of people who drive themselves. Beer festivals also make the idea of hopping on a party bike or flagging down a Tuk-Tuk more attractive….upping the number of vehicles in circulation.

More vehicles mean more advertising opportunities and impressions for you. Pedicabs, Tuk-Tuks, and Party Bikes all provide the chance for you to peddle your wares as others pedal potential future customers (or current & past customers). These also offer the opportunity to do material giveaways, handouts to consumers or incorporate social media brand promotion.

Ad Focus also offers billboards around the Colorado Convention Center as well as indoor kiosks targeting a captive audience of festival goers where the event is held. If you’re interested in learning how to reach the masses as they reach for their malt lagers, contact us today or email us at: