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Washington, D.C.


Billboard Products in Washington, D.C.

Home of the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. is a bustling political mecca which borders both Maryland and Virginia. The White House, the Capitol, and Supreme Court are all popular attractions for visitors. D.C. is rich in history and heritage with numerous historical monuments like the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, National World War II Memorial, and Arlington National Cemetery. It’s also home to iconic museums and performing-arts venues such as the Kennedy Center, Warner Theatre and National Theatre. With plentiful options for art & culture like the nineteen – yes, 19! – Smithsonian Museums you can entertain yourself for days. And, what makes it even better is that all museums in D.C. offer FREE entry!

D.C. is also the culinary Capital with numerous Michelin-Star rated restaurants, creative cocktail bars, and trendy coffee shops. The 14th Street NW scene has an experience for everyone and draws locals and visitors alike for its array of never-ending food & drink options.


We offer outdoor advertising products that do a great job covering the high-density areas and popular attractions across Washington, D.C.

Outdoor Avertising

Billboard Advertising in Washington, D.C.

When visiting D.C. be sure to check out The Wharf, which has transformed into one of D.C.’s most exciting waterfront destinations. Home to the nation’s longest continually operating open-air fish market, it features an accessible riverfront and four different piers, each with their own theme and activities. Get there by water taxi, shuttle bus, or bike to enjoy public piers and parks, locally grown dining concepts or take in a show at the city’s newest music venues, like The Anthem or Pearl Street Warehouse.

Major professional sports in the Capital include the Redskins NFL team along with the D.C. Nationals Major League Baseball team, the Washington Capitals NHL Hockey team, and the Washington Wizards NBA team.

Ad Focus offers Digital Mobile billboard advertising throughout the D.C. Metro which ranks as the sixth largest Media Market in the U.S. Unique OOH advertising opportunities can be limited in the Capital, but we’ve got you covered with large-format digital screens that help you get noticed. Contact us today for more information.


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