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Colorado Convention Center

Target a captive audience of convention goers and attendees, so you know your ads will be highly visible and your marketing dollars well spent.


A space with hundreds
of opportunities

The Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO hosts conferences, corporate events, conventions of all sizes, and other events. Some large-scale public shows held at the center consist of: the Denver Auto Show, Comic-Con, Home & Garden Show, Bridal Shows, Great American Beer Festival, and more. Ad Focus offers advertising opportunities inside and outside of the Colorado Convention Center (also referred to as the Denver Convention Center).

Our large format digital kiosks, billboards and transportation products are a great addition to incorporating into any exhibitor’s sponsorship or marketing packages. They target a captive audience of convention goers and attendees, so you know your ads will be highly visible and your marketing dollars well spent.

These assets provide advertisers with the ability to break through the clutter of traditional media with creative impactful messaging that can be tailored towards a desired demographic or audience.


Indoor Screens

Within the Colorado Convention Center is a digital network of indoor screens used for advertising. The 55” kiosks screens are scattered throughout the center in 16 different locations and are perfectly targeted to reach attendees of conventions, conferences, trade shows, and large scale public shows. Up to 2 creatives can be rotated and conventions can purchase multiple spots to utilize for event sponsors, exhibitors or the renter.  These ad kiosks are located inside the Denver Convention Center and target the main lobby, hallways, exhibition halls, ballrooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms, & the Bellco Theater.



Also surrounding the Denver Convention Center are large format digital billboard screens. These digital signs can rotate up to two different ads and can be seen 24/7. They offer high technology capabilities including the ability to do static to full motion ads in HD quality. They reach high traffic roadways coming into and out of Downtown, and the main traffic areas around the Colorado Convention Center.

Colorado Conventino Center Ad Shuttle

Tuk Tuks

We can also handle your transportation needs during corporate conventions or conferences.  Tuk Tuks are electric vehicles that can be rented for exclusive shuttle service for convention, conference or show attendees as a means to get to and from local area hotels and the convention center. They can also be used to transport corporate or company VIP’s or those needing assistance.  Because Tuks are 100% electric, zero emission vehicles, they can also be driven indoors and used as part of a booth or exhibition space.  In addition to using the vehicles to transport groups or employees, the vehicles can be fully branded with ad wraps, offer large backlit ad panels, and may be used for handouts or sampling opportunities as well as branded drivers that promote your company, event, product or corporation.

Pedal Bike Ad Denver


Pedicabs are another eco-friendly option that transport passengers via bicycle cabs and are great for shorter distance transportation. Rickshaws can be rented privately to be on-call to take your event or convention attendees to and from the event center, local hotels, and area restaurants. They can also be used to transport corporate VIP’s or those needing assistance.  In addition to using these pedal bikes to transport groups or employees, they can be branded with ad wraps showcasing your company, product or corporation. Branding drivers can also be done along with private charters, so that each pedicab driver clearly represents your brand.

Taxi Cab Advertising


Taxis transport attendees to and from the Denver International Airport to the Convention Center.  The cabs also have a staging and loading zone directly in front of the building by the Big Blue Bear.  They are another way to market your company, brand or product during large shows or conventions. We offer double-sided taxi top ads that are backlit and visible at night. Taxis are seen all over the Metro area and generate exposure with a far greater reach than more traditional mediums. Taxis are also on-hand at local area hotels. Taxi ads are a great cost-effective solution for advertising and reaching a wider demographic of consumers.