What is Out of Home Advertising?

out of home advertising

Out of Home (OOH) advertising is a type of advertising people see when they are – as suggested – outside of their home. Rather than focusing on television commercials and newspaper ads, OOH advertising involves billboards, bus wraps, kiosks, and digital boards inside of convention halls, on highways, in airports, in shopping malls, on taxi cabs, and everywhere else.

It’s around the clock advertising that never sleeps – it’s geared to grab people’s attention when they’re on the go. Stuck in traffic on the highway? Headed to a concert? Grocery shopping on a Wednesday? There’s an ad for that!

Of course, OOH advertising has lots of technology in its back pocket. Don’t worry if you’re bored with basic billboards; there’s so much more in store! New lighting, digital convergence, innovation, and creativity give companies power. OOH ads allow businesses to make a larger impact with their message.

Why OOH Works?

In order for a television ad to be successful, people have to watch TV. They also have to refrain from fast-forwarding through commercials or getting up to use the restroom every time there’s a break in programming. OOH isn’t as conditional. In fact, there’s really no escaping it.

No matter a user’s television or radio consumption habits, outdoor advertising is everywhere. Literally. You’re exposed to OOH ads no matter where you go. And, advertisers can user innumerous out-of-the-box ideas to grab the consumer’s attention. The faster they grab it, the better.

Below are some incredible examples of unique, eye-catching OOH ads:

Toyota: An ad laden with simplicity, it’s also highly effective. Why? Because when something is written upside down, consumers want to know what it says.

toyota billboard

Law and Order: It almost seems like Law and Order wouldn’t need to advertise. After all, they’ve been on air since the dawn of time. Still, their ad can’t hurt. The use of the light as an interrogation prop works visually and creatively.

law and order billboard

Colorado State Patrol: This is an example of an innovative ad that proves billboards can push the limits. It’s also an ad that drives its point home, literally. Tailgating? Save it for football season.

colorado state patrol billboard