Uber & Lyft Advertising

With the ability to get a ride at the mere tap of a button, we are a people who can travel with the greatest convenience and ease than ever in history. Uber serves more than 450 cities around the world with a documented 93 million users. As of May 2019, Lyft claims 20.5 million active riders. The ride-sharing industry offers an affordable, handy option for locals and tourists alike. By using an algorithm to pair drivers with passengers, Uber and Lyft are able to use technology to capitalism on an ever-traveling market.

Advertising on Uber

What does this mean for the world of advertising? Imagine the ways in which the mobile promotion of goods and services can impact both buyers and sellers. Ads can now be virtually anywhere. Interior advertising, too, can grab the attention of each and every passenger with over 600 impressions per vehicle each month and the ads on the outside can be seen by thousands and thousands each hour. From airports to shopping malls, the suburbs to cities, advertising with Uber and Lyft allows for so many location opportunities. Moreover, Uber and Lyft serve all different kinds of people from all different walks of life. The diversity of consumer traffic can only help to increase marketing prospects.

Lyft Advertising

Another key factor to consider is the ability to contribute to the local community while promoting products and services. Video ads generate extra income for Uber and Lyft drivers. A driver can make an additional $400 per month simply by displaying advertising with their car service. “Carvertising” in this day and age seems a no-brainer when it comes to reaching a high volume of consumers with little effort. Here at ADFOCUS, let us help you expand your business to achieve marketing success with this new found mobile billboard.

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