Tampa Florida Outdoor Advertising

With a population of over three million and an average temperature that rarely gets below a balmy 70 degrees, Tampa is fertile grounds for outdoor advertising. Throw in the many things to do, and it’s an impressive place to make an impression.

In fact, there are several reasons why Tampa is the perfect date for your advertising campaign. Some of these include:

Commute time: The general population doesn’t much care for stop and go traffic – it’s infuriating, it’s frustrating, and – if you drive a manual – it leaves you with a left leg much more muscular than your right.  Tampa certainly doesn’t have the worst traffic in the nation, but it’s not a walk in the park, either. On average, the commute time between work and home for local citizens is 30-minutes. Bad for the gas tank; good for billboards.

Demographics with open wallets: Despite Florida’s reputation for Cadillacs and games of Shuffle Board, the average age in Tampa is around 42 years. Why does this matter? Because people in this age bracket (as well as the one above it) spend more money than those younger and older. Not only that, but the cost of living in Tampa is lower than the national average and the cheapest in the state. More disposable income means more spending. On what? Your products, of course!

Local attractions: Sure, Orlando may have Disneyworld, but Florida isn’t all Mickey all the time. Tampa has several local attractions that not only set the stage for outdoor advertising, but they also lure local citizens out of their homes while bringing in out of state tourism.  Some of the most well-traveled attractions include the Florida Aquarium, the Glazier’s Children’s Museum, and the Tampa Theater. The latter is part of the National Registry of Historic Places.  The River Arts District and the Channel District (both known for eats and entertainment) are prime advertising spots as well.

Tampa features a Riverwalk too, nearly 2.5 miles that run along the edge of downtown. It’s perfect for getting to various parts of the city by walking and biking. Did someone say Pedicab advertising?

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