Pedicab Advertising in Denver

If you set foot outside on any given Colorado evening, you know that pedicabs are all the rage. They go up and down 16th Street Mall, travel to Coors Field, speed by Market, sail across Speer, and take revelers from location to location. Not only are they ideal for people wanting a unique form of transport, but they serve as billboards on wheels. And this makes them ideal for advertising too.

Downtown Denver Transportation Options

So, what are the advantages to pedicab advertising in Denver? You can:

Promote your brand: Say it with us: Duh! These mobile billboards allow you to promote your product all across the city. People see, people buy.

Transport important clients: Landing a shark of a client with a town car or limo is so 1990’s. Pedicabs let these VIPs ride while staying part of the action. They to get them wherever they need to go.

Get more bang for your buck: Pedicab advertising is much cheaper than more traditional forms for advertising. You can also purchase for short amounts of time, in some cases only 12 hour blocks.

Get noticed: Because pedicabs are rolling all over Denver, locals and tourists can’t help but notice them. There’s 2-for-1 drinks at the Gigging Grizzly? Yep, people know that thanks to the bike that just rode by.

Call them whatever you want: Some of the common terms are pedicab, rickshaws and bike taxis.

Green Shuttle Options in Denver

Save the planet: Not only do pedicabs let you pad your checkbook, but they also allow you to tread on the Earth softly. They are eco-friendly and require no gas or exhaust fumes.

Pedicabs in Downtown Denver

Flex your marketing muscles: If you only want to advertise for one day or one week, pedicabs allow for that. If you want to move your marketing over a block or two, pedicabs allow for that. If you want to follow the crowds and go wherever people have congregated, pedicabs also let you do that.

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