Mobile Billboards in Atlanta, GA

Mobile billboard advertising gets lots of attention, from both marketers and consumers. Placed on the side of a mobile vehicle – be it bus or taxi, pedicab or shuttle – it’s advertising on the go to people who are on the go. Mobile billboards in Atlanta, GA? They offer some southern comfort for your bottom line.

The most obvious way it differs from your typical billboard is in the flexibility; traditional billboards are stuck in their ways, determined to forever linger in the Atlanta skyline or near the Mercedes Benz Stadium. Mobile billboards never stay in one place, widening the net of your audience.

So, why utilize mobile billboards in Atlanta? What makes them a Georgia Peach? For starters, the following:

  • Affordability – Mobile billboards tend to cost less than stationary billboards. They’re also cheaper than radio spots or TV commercials. This is nice for big companies, but it’s vital for small ones.
  • Control – With modern technology, mobile billboards allow you to know where you’re advertising. You can figure out what works and what doesn’t, giving you the option to control the areas visited. Just think of all the power!
  • Attention – It’s hard for people to ignore mobile billboards; it’s human nature to want to look at things that are moving. Mobile billboards are constantly driving from point a to point b, helping you get to Point Profit.
  • Out of the box thinking – Okay, it’s more out of the “board” thinking, but mobile billboards allow you to reach a larger variety than those that are stationary. They’re go getters, able to drive directly to your target audience and advertise in hot pocket areas.
  • Persistence – You can pass a stationary billboard, you can turn off a TV commercial, you can switch the radio station, you can turn the page of a magazine, you can engage your pop-up blocker, but mobile billboards? They won’t be silenced!

Atlanta, with a vibrant night and day life, is the perfect place for mobile billboards.  This type of outdoor advertising is also perfect to combine with sampling, experiential and interactive marketing. If you’re interested in advertising in the Atlanta area or elsewhere, contact us today.   We can be reached at and at our website