Electric Shuttle Wraps: “Free Ride” Advertising

They say there is no such thing as a free lunch. But, now, there is such a thing as a “free” ride… at least if you live in select cities around the United States. San Diego?  Denver?  Orlando? Houston?  Count it in and sing along, “Free ride… take it easy.”

These mobile companies that offer free rides utilize a variety of outlets; some are electric Tuk Tuks, others are pedicabs and rickshaws and other utilize GEM cars (small electric vehicles) which are used to shuttle people  around town, generally fairly short distances.  These shuttle services can usually seat  up to six-passengers. Many cities like Denver, Atlanta, Houston, Charlotte, and San Diego are home to such electric shuttles, which have been gaining in popularity over recent years

The idea is to service areas where people do a lot by foot but could also use a quick lift every now and then. It’s the “last mile” theory – offering quick rides where it’s a bit too far to walk, but too short to call a Lyft or Uber. This is certainly what happens in the Mile-High City – that’s why the bus that goes up and down the 16th Street Mall is so popular.

The electric shuttles or cars are made by General Electric Motors (see, GE really does bring good things to life!). These shuttles are run by different drivers, who operate  in shifts each day and night to maximize the time they are out. They frequent the most popular areas around a city with concentration in the different downtown areas.

There are two ways people can usually get a ride:  you can flag down the cars or pedicabs much like you would a cab, or you can request one via the app for those  that offer that option. . If the latter choice is not available, then that leaves locals to throw their arms in the air like they just don’t care… to walk. The electric shuttle rides move much faster than pedicabs, maxing out at around 30 miles per hour. And, because these electric shuttles, Tuk Tuks and pedicabs are frequenting popular attractions and destinations in densely populated downtown areas of cities, you can catch one on the fly.

Why should you advertise on Free Ride shuttles?

So, why are they free, exactly?

The answer lies in how these electric cars and shuttles make money – they do it through advertising. This was always the idea, even back when these first came to the market years ago.

Electric cars and shuttle services make  money almost entirely from companies that use these vehicles to promote their brand, product   or services. With pedicabs and rickshaws that take a little more effort than pushing a pedal, the bike pedaling drivers also have a tip system based on how far they have to pedal their customers to get them from point A to point B.

As mentioned above, electric shuttles move at an impressive 30 miles an hour, fast enough not to test the patience of passengers but slow enough to allow advertising to be seen & effectively make an impression. Drivers can promote products as well. These “mobile billboards” are perfect for experiential marketing, brand contesting, and giveaways.

If you’re interested in branding your business on an electric shuttle/free ride  type of mobile advertising platform, contact us today at hello@theadfocus.com or at our site: www.TheAdFocus.com.   Many ask and yes, we can do sampling and product giveaways for amazing brand exposure!