Why Digital Mobile Billboards?

Digital Mobile Billboards are becoming more and more popular, and it’s no surprise why.  There is no denying that our attention spans have changed, and we’ve become somewhat immune to traditional advertising.  Too much exposure has caused consumers to tune out certain types of advertising.  Enter the Digital Mobile Billboard…these large format, attention grabbing screens offer advertisers a new Out-of-Home opportunity designed to engage and capture the attention of today’s consumers.

Motorists see a traditional static billboard along a highway for a brief 2-3 seconds and many drivers have become immune to them. However, with eye-catching Mobile Billboards – especially those featuring digital motion ads – the interaction time is longer.  Advertisers can create ads from :10 to :60 seconds depending on who the target audience is.

Digital Mobile Billboards also offer something no other OOH product can offer: a highly targeted, customized route based on marketing objectives & demographic targets.

Mobile Billboards = Higher Recall

In their 2019 OOH Advertising Study, Nielsen found that mobile billboards over-index, compared to all other OOH platforms.  They also reported that mobile billboards have a higher recall.  Research has found that mobile billboards have the ability to target and reach specific consumers and demographic audiences better than some other formats.

Several outdoor media studies and data collected over the past few years prove that digital OOH offers many advantages.

Some benefits include:

  • get last minute campaigns up and running quickly
  • run static or motion images
  • ability to rotate multiple creatives
  • swap ads as needed
  • less expensive than other mediums

Additionally, digital requires no install costs and is illuminated for excellent viewing day or night.

According to a Billboard Insider article, “a massive advantage LED billboards have over the traditional static option is the ability to quickly change messages to reflect new marketing strategies, promotions, or pricing.” In addition, a study by Arbitron found that almost one in five people discussed an ad they had seen on digital billboards with other people, and they found those LED billboards more appealing to look at.

Top Media Markets

Digital Mobile Billboards are an ideal way for brands and advertisers to stand out in over-saturated markets such as Top Media Markets. They connect with people at eye-level in New York City and Chicago.  And, in the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles, they can reach new audiences and target multiple neighborhoods.  Similarly, Digital Mobile Billboards are even unique in already flashy, busy cities such as Miami or Dallas.  This format allows advertisers to break through the monotony of static billboards cluttering highways across the country.

Images in motion have a peak exposure of 45% more than static ads. Movement increases memory encoding in the brain and memory encoding increases ad effectiveness. And, transit advertising averages about 20% higher than all other outdoor formats when it comes to memory encoding, according to APN Outdoor.


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Photo Credit: Ad Focus, Inc.