Denver’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade Advertising

St. Patrick’s Day is a big deal; everyone’s Irish for a little while. From the green beer to the festivities, from the shots of Irish whiskey to yelling out the name Megan just to see how many women turn around, this is a day of fun. Let’s shamrock and roll.

St. Patrick: The Man

St. Patrick’s Day, not surprisingly, celebrates Saint Patrick, a fifth-century Romano-British Christian missionary who served in Ireland. He is the primary patron saint of Ireland, once captured by pirates and taken as a slave to the Emerald Isle. After escaping, he returned to Britain only to find his way back to Ireland where he became idolized.

St. Patrick’s Day observes the day of Saint Patrick’s death. It’s a celebration of Irish culture as well as – inside Ireland – a religious holiday.

Why should you advertise around  St. Patrick’s Day in Denver?

St. Patrick’s Day Parades

In Denver, like many major cities, the day is celebrated with a huge parade. The parade itself doesn’t always take place on St. Patrick’s Day but instead on the Saturday nearest to it. This year, it takes place the day before the official holiday on March 16th.

To say that the St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a big deal is an understatement; it’s like calling the Rocky Mountains “hills.” In fact, some people claim that it’s the single largest gathering in one place of Colorado residents during any given time of year. And it’s a tradition  rooted in history – the parade dates all the way back to the late 1800’s, though it’s grown bigger and more official throughout the years.

The modern version runs through the heart of Downtown Denver, with the most sought-after spots to watch the parade being along 20th and Blake Street. Some people arrive as early as dawn to make sure they have the best seats in the house. The weather itself is unpredictable –mid-March in Colorado can bring 60-degree days or 20 degrees with a snow storm. . That’s part of the fun.

Whatever rolls in – rain, snow, or sun – crowds are never deterred. The parade is always packed, a nightmare for those who have to find a place to park but a boom for local downtown businesses where parade watchers seek refuge, food, fun and drinks after the parade.

How to advertise around St. Patrick’s Day in Colorado?

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