Coors Field Advertising; Colorado Rockies Fan Exposure

When the Colorado Rockies take the field to play the Los Angeles Dodgers on April 5, 2019 one thing is certain: Coors Field will be packed. How do we know this? Because it’s always packed on opening day, even last year when the temperatures fell into the 20’s and snow hit the ground. Hypothermia is no match for America’s Favorite Pastime.

It’s been like this since Coors Field opened back in 1995 (the Rockies originally played at Mile High Stadium as the baseball field was constructed). Colorado waited a long time for our team to arrive.  And consider this: the stadium with over 50,000 seats makes Coors Field the fifth-largest baseball park by capacity in the entire world!

Why you should advertise on Rockies Opening Day?

Its prime Downtown location doesn’t hurt its popularity: the field sits on Blake Street, one of the most happening streets in Denver. The atmosphere offers just about anything a resident or tourist could need: restaurants, bars, hotels, coffee shops, retail stores, and plenty of opportunity to take advantage of public transportation (flag down a pedicab or a regular cab!). Those who can’t get tickets on opening day simply fill the local establishments to watch the game live on television. It’s a party either way!

Coors Field is exciting (even in the years the Rockies aren’t!), and filled with fun facts.

For instance, did you know…

  • The building is made out of 1.4 million bricks. Let’s see the Big Bad Wolf try to blow this house down!
  • The field is heated by miles of cables that melt the snow in the winter and help keep the field green in the spring.
  • The purple seats in section 865 are exactly one mile high (5,280 feet above sea level).
  • It has a baseball “jail,” a holding cell where  unruly fans can be sent if they break the law. What happens to them is at the discretion of the Denver Police Department.
  • Hotdogs may be the most famous baseball food, but crazy dishes? May as well. Coors has a concession stand that sells Rocky Mountain Oysters. Spoiler alert: this is not seafood.
  • When Coors Field was being built, the construction crew found dinosaur bones believed to be tens of millions of years old. This, of course, sets the stage for a new blockbuster movie: Jurassic Ballpark.

How to advertise in Coors Field Ballpark, home of the Colorado Rockies?

If you’re in the market to advertise around Coors Field/Rockies Stadium during baseball season or other times of the year, contact us today.   We can help you with outdoor & out of home advertising, billboard-like products, sampling to fans and texting contests.  We also offer interactive marketing and advertising products like pedicabs (rickshaws), party bikes (pedal pubs) and electric shuttles (tuk tuks) that all work Coors Field and are active around baseball games.  Drop us a line at