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Since 1993, Coloradoans have been able to root, root, root for the home team: The Rockies. They’ve left us elated and frustrated. They’ve had terrible seasons and glorious runs. They’ve thrilled us with pennant chases and teased us with World Series. Through it all, the fans have remained loyal.

Beginning in 1995, locals and tourists have watched games at Coors Field, a stadium located in the heart of Downtown Denver and one whose name pays homage to the fact that this is a state that likes to drink beer! Every year, 81 games take place here (and more if the Rockies make the playoffs). Even in the winter, the stadium doesn’t always sit idle: it hosted three outdoor hockey games in February of 2016.

Coors Field is known as a hitter-friendly park. Before the establishment of the humidor – where the Rockies now store their baseballs to combat the dry climate – scores regularly reached the 20-run mark. But, even with the humidor, there have only been ten 1-0 games at Coors. The high altitude changes the loft of the ball and the curve of the pitch, allowing hitters to send it sailing farther.

Ads at Rockies Ballpark

All of this serves, in part, for the reason the Rockies are always known as a great offensive team. But pitching? Eh, not so much.

The weather is another unique element but it doesn’t stop the advertising in and around the stadium. The options around the stadium are billboards, experienital ,

Coors Field is a place where baseball isn’t always played under the watchful eye of the blaring summer sun. On April 23, 2013, the Rockies and Braves played the coldest game in MLB history: a 23 degree adventure. When the baseball season begins in early April, the Rockies often have a scheduled loaded with away games for this very reason. Colorado needs time to defrost.

Advertising at Coors Field

Once warmer weather finally arrives, the fans certainly emerge. Coors Field not only holds over 50,000 people (in 2018, total attendance was over 3,000,000), but it also sends the masses into the city, flooding restaurants, bars, and cafes. This makes the area an advertising goldmine.

When the Rockies are in town, sales are up to bat! Root, root, root for your profit margin!

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