Chicago Fun Facts

Ah, Chicago — The Windy City. Most of us know it for its deep-dish pizza or its long-suffering baseball fans (up until a few years ago, at least). But Chicago is more than just another big city metropolis.

For starters, Chicago is huge, and when it comes to cities and their economic prowess, size does matter. The city stretches over 237 square miles and has around 2.7 million residents. It’s popular with tourists too: In 2018, it set a new record when 58 million people visited.

Chicago has lots of things to do, a reason for its adoration among out-of-towners. For starters, it has 56 museums, 250 theaters, 225 music venues, and 125 art galleries. Are you hungry? Great: there’s 5,195 restaurants. Are you tired or do you have an affinity for tiny bottles of lotion? Awesome: there’s 119 hotels and over 39,000 hotel rooms in the Central Business District.

Surprisingly to some people, Chicago also showcases its share of recreational activities, a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of Big City Life. It has 8,100 acres of green space and over 500 parks. It even has 26 beaches.

Do you enjoy a good bike ride? So does the city! Chicago caters to bicyclists, with 13,000 bike racks and 225 miles of bike lanes. The Divvy Bike Sharing Program includes 300 bike stations with over 3,000 bikes. Grab your helmet and go!

Of course, Chicago is also a sport fan’s paradise. It has hockey, football, basketball, soccer, and not one, but two, Major League Baseball teams. All and all, it has won 27 championships, including Stanley Cups, World Series, and Super Bowls.

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