Billboards in Memphis, TN

Mobile billboard advertising is all the rage, a favorite among consumers and marketers. Located on the side of a bus, taxi, pedicab or another type of vehicle, they’re out and about to market to people who are out and about. Mobile billboards in Memphis, TN? They’re music to your ears.

The biggest difference between mobile billboards and side of the road billboards is movement; stationary billboards are (no surprise) stationary. They’re stubborn, staying put outside of Graceland or along the downtown streets. Mobile billboards, on the other hand, slip on their proverbial blue suede shoes and widen your net by never remaining in one place. 

So, why utilize mobile billboards and outdoor advertising in Memphis? What makes them a worthwhile investment? For starters, the following:

  • Cost – Mobile billboards tend to be more affordable than stationary billboards. They’re also a better fiscal option than TV or radio. They’re beneficial to companies that want to save money…so every company ever.
  • Control of placement – Technology allows you to control the way mobile billboards advertise. You can linger in areas your target audience frequents.  Go on – feel the power.
  • Marketability – Mobile billboards are difficult to ignore; we all want to look at things that are moving. Mobile billboards are forever driving up and down the streets, driving home your potential profits by making your ad stand out.
  • Creative thinking – Mobile billboards don’t grow stagnant. If you find one area ineffective, put the pedal to the medal and head over to fresh eyes.
  • Perseverance – Radio stations can be switched. Magazines can be thrown away. Computer ads can be blocked. TV commercials can be avoided (thank you Hulu). But mobile billboards will not go quietly into the night! Instead, they’ll use the night to advertise your brand.

Memphis, a happening city filled with much to do, is the ideal place for mobile billboards, sampling, experiential marketing and giveaways. If you’re interested in out of home outdoor advertising here or in other areas, contact us today.  Our e-mail is and feel free to visit our website at