Ads on Taxis  

Advertising on Taxis

Ads on Taxis are a cost-effective outdoor advertising medium. Taxi ads provide broad reach and coverage across Metro areas while generating high impressions for your campaign.

History of Taxis

There is a certain nostalgia when you think of the first time you hailed a taxicab in a big city. In fact, taxis began as horse drawn hansom cabs New York City in the early 19th century. Founded in the 1920’s, the Yellow Cab Company, quickly dominated the taxi world.  This is why “yellow” is still synonymous with taxicabs everywhere. Today, we still see people hailing taxis in box office movies, hit TV shows, and more.

Still, you might be thinking, who uses taxis in 2020 with the invention of ride share apps and car share vehicles?  Big city markets such as New York, Miami, and San Diego still have a significant taxicab presence. There are even taxi apps like Curb – which connects riders to taxis in 65 cities nationwide – and Arro. Besides providing transportation across populous cities, taxi cabs also carry ads which can be seen by consumers all across the city.

Lyft and Uber are convenient, but taxi cabs have added benefit in their quantity and ability to provide advertising across metro areas.  When John Hertz, founded the Yellow Cab Company in 1915, he wanted to unify the fleet by having all cars be the same color. Taxis are yellow because it’s a highly noticeable color that can easily be spotted by passengers.

New York City Taxicabs

In the 50’s taxi companies swarmed the Big Apple and the taxi quickly became an iconic symbol of NYC. Taxicabs are synonymous with the New York City lifestyle. Anywhere you go in the city, you will find taxis. In NYC, a green taxi is a Boro Taxi, serving areas across New York City boroughs that don’t get service from yellow medallion cabs. In the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, or Staten Island Boro cabs can take you anywhere you want to go, except the airport. (only yellow medallion cabs can operate within the Manhattan exclusionary zone)

You will see Yellow Cabs across Manhattan, Times Square, Broadway, the Financial District, Central Park, and more.  New Yorkers hail taxis day and night, making advertising on them an excellent, cost effective option for brands and marketers.

Cabs in Miami and San Diego

Sand Diego and Miami are two cities where residents are still partial to using taxis. Taxis in these markets are popular due to the ample night life, dense and diverse populations, and comfortable year-round climates.

In Miami, taxis can be seen along South Beach, near the Port of Miami, downtown Miami, popular neighborhoods, nightclubs and tourist destinations as well as hip areas like the Wynwood District.

In San Diego, taxis congregate around popular downtown spots like the San Diego Convention Center (home of the original Comic Con), the  Gaslamp District, Little Italy, Petco Park, and Balboa Park.

Taxi ads in Denver

Denver is another city that still offers a large presence of taxicabs. Taxis work the entire Denver Metro Area focusing primarily on Denver’s city center and Denver International Airport.  At big events or sports stadiums, you will typically find Denver taxi cab stands. Taxis are  commonly seen on busy highways and roadways. You can also find them lined up at Union Station, the Colorado Convention Center, and around popular bars/restaurants, Downtown’s Ballpark area and the popular RiNo neighborhood.


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Photo Credit:  Ad Focus, Inc.