16th Street Mall Advertising

The 16th Street Mall is a well-known and often visited destination for Denver locals. Of course, tourists go there too, sometimes even driving down it by accident. Full of cafes, shops, bars, and restaurants, this walking mall is bustling all year long, with a particularly lively presence in the summer. Turns out sitting in the fresh air isn’t as fun when it’s snowing or maybe it can be in Colorado.

A quick jaunt introduces much of Colorado’s eclecticness. You’ll find horse-drawn buggies, pedicabs, a free shuttle buzz, random street performers, pianos, sidewalk art, musical acts, and the opportunity for lots and lots of people watching. The mall has a large police presence as well. And pigeons. There are always pigeons. And there are always pedicabs on and around 16th street mall these rickshaws or bike taxis act as great billboards zooming around the hot spots in the crowds.

Billboards on 16th Mall in Denver

Come hungry and thirsty. There are 42 outdoor cafes along the mall. In the mood for romance? You can buy it….at the Denver Pavilions. Near the south end of the mall, this complex features a dozen movie theaters. It also has over 24 restaurants and shops as well as a bowling alley (a fancy bowling alley!). Perfect spot in Denver for a mobile billboard that catches folks going to all of these places.

16th Mall would be amiss if it didn’t feature plenty of breweries (don’t worry: it does). This, coupled with the ease of access (it continues as a pedestrian path), makes it the perfect place for Colorado nightlife. People who live in Capitol Hill, Lohi, Rino, Uptown, and the Highlands are but a stone’s throw away (okay, a little longer, but still close). It’s an extremely popular destination before Rockies Games, with Coors Field nearby. Pedicabs and rickshaws are a great way to see the sights and get from one area to another.

Pedicabs in Denver

With a penchant for loads of foot traffic, advertising on the 16th Mall is the ideal way to get lots of exposure. Not only is the crowd diverse with people from all over the region and all walks of life, but it’s always hopping. It seems like something is constantly going on. This is the kind of traffic marketers love.

If you are looking to advertise on 16th Street Mall or other areas throughout the Denver Metro Area, we can help. Contact us today to get started. We have billboards, digital screens, pedicabs, mobile billboards and more that does a great job of offering outdoor advertising around downtown Denver. We can be reached at hello@theadfocus.com and check our website at www.TheAdFocus.com.

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